March 30, 2011


Things aren't always what they seem.....

Had some fun shooting some puddles after a day of very wet snow that never really amounted to any accumulation. Was left with some puddles in the roads and fast moving clouds as the sun began to lower in the west. I wanted to get as much of the sky in the reflections as I could but my standard tripod setup wouldn't allow me to get quite as low as I wanted, so I improvised.

My tripod is a Manfrotto with Manfrotto ball head that can rotate 360 degrees. I extended the riser arm in the middle of the tripod from the vertical to the horizontal position (which you would typically do to get as close to ground as you could). How I changed this up was, I set my camera to where it was pointing slightly skyward and straight in line with the horizontal arm (directly away from the arm). I then rotated the head (not the ball) 180 degrees so that my camera was now upside down pointing slightly downward. Basically I was shooting upside down. I had the intention to flip the photo after I had taken it, but I kind of prefer the upside down appearance of this particular shot. Hope that made a little sense.


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