May 12, 2011

Blog Site Has Moved

Hey Everyone.
Sure appreciate you continuing to check out my blog for my latest shots. I have decided to switch my blog over to another site in hopes of setting up my own Domain Name here in the near future. The site can be seen now at -

Thanks and take care!

March 31, 2011

Iron Horse

Have two more shots I want to throw up from this last weekends outing at the local tracks (Last shot will go up tomorrow). The one (and only) nice thing about the overcast/fog was the light pink hue that came along with the rising sun. There was never any presence of direct sun light but it lit the clouds well enough to allow a little color to blast through.

On another note, I have decided to transition to my own web hosting and blog set up, which will be completed sometime down the road. To ease the transition, I have moved this blog to another hosting site that is more customizable now and will allow me to have an easier transition once I make the move. The new URL is


March 30, 2011


Things aren't always what they seem.....

Had some fun shooting some puddles after a day of very wet snow that never really amounted to any accumulation. Was left with some puddles in the roads and fast moving clouds as the sun began to lower in the west. I wanted to get as much of the sky in the reflections as I could but my standard tripod setup wouldn't allow me to get quite as low as I wanted, so I improvised.

My tripod is a Manfrotto with Manfrotto ball head that can rotate 360 degrees. I extended the riser arm in the middle of the tripod from the vertical to the horizontal position (which you would typically do to get as close to ground as you could). How I changed this up was, I set my camera to where it was pointing slightly skyward and straight in line with the horizontal arm (directly away from the arm). I then rotated the head (not the ball) 180 degrees so that my camera was now upside down pointing slightly downward. Basically I was shooting upside down. I had the intention to flip the photo after I had taken it, but I kind of prefer the upside down appearance of this particular shot. Hope that made a little sense.


March 29, 2011

East or West....?

You can go anywhere you want, as long as it's east or west. Love the simplicity of the train system. Hop on board, relax and enjoy the ride. It may take twice as long as driving but they'll get you there. I've always wanted to take my boys on a day-long train ride across the state and back just for the experience. I hope to accomplish that in the future once they are a little older and would probably enjoy it more.

Another shot from the dreary overcast morning this past weekend. I added the 'drizzle' effect from Phototools 2.6 to a second processed image to show what it was really like that morning but I decided not to post it today.

East or West...

March 28, 2011


Woke up before the sun on a Saturday for the first time in a while. Was ready to get out and get some train/track shots with the sunrise, but alas, the fog and drizzle wasn't going to allow it. Drizzle is not very much fun to shoot in. Have to clean your lens every 10 seconds or there is no point in even shooting. Walked away with about 7 sets of brackets. Will probably post most of those up this week. Hope everyone is off to a good start to their Monday.


March 25, 2011


After fighting the worst bug I think I've ever gotten, I'm a little on the tired/weak side this morning. Managed to make it into work, but we'll see how that goes. So, I'm just going to make this quick today.

This shot was one of the last ones taken the night I went down under the bridge. As you can tell the sun was quite a ways below the horizon at this point. I walked by this pillar twice and didn't notice the graffiti on it, but fortunately I caught it when I was setting up for another shot. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


March 24, 2011

Pistols at Dawn

Lego Challenge. A photography buddy of mine is putting on a Lego Wars challenge every month. This is the first competition so I thought I'd take a crack at it. Was kind of fun to get Ethan involved with shooting. He came out on the road with me and helped me set them up and make sure they didn't fall over. It was quite fun. I had to buy a small starter set since I didn't have any around the house. I'm sure Ethan will like this idea since it will only add to his toy pile. Without further ado, here is my humble contribution.

Pistols at Dawn
Canon T1i, 85mm f/1.8 @1.8, ISO 100, 7 Exposures