November 1, 2010

Pillsbury Crossing: Missed the Falls

Was back up around some of my favorite areas again thanks to college football, so I headed out to Pillsbury Crossing once more in hopes of some good fall colors and some flowing falls. Didn't find either one. Most of the trees had already been stripped of their leaves and the water was basically down to a trickle. Still, had to try salvage the early wake up as best as I could.

Some amazing color on the clouds just before sunrise...

Headed down stream a little to find some foam...

A little further down stream, the sun began to rise. Also found the best display of fall colors in a tall skinny tree...

Headed back up stream a little to find a small rock damn strung across the stream...spent a little time here...

Finally ended up back at the falls with what little water was flowing over the rocks...
Each of these shots are a slightly different shutter speed, from a faster shot to a much slower shot. The longer the time it takes to make a picture, the smoother the water will appear.

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