March 2, 2011

Tonight's Selection

I've recently began shooting a new series I'm calling 'Tonight's selection'. You can see the other shots in the series here. I'm a big fan of trying as many different kinds of beer as I can. Got to love the mix-n-match six pack. Many liquor stores allow you to buy certain brews/microbrews in a single bottle or part of a mix-n-match at a set price. I love how this allows you to try 6 different beers without having to buy 36 beers (6 6-packs). I tend to lean towards the stout/porter style of beer, but I'll try anything once.

I haven't quite decided how I will use these pics, but I want to incorporate them around a home bar at a future home. I've even thought it may be cool to have the black and white shots printed on a tile (if possible) and incorporate them into a backsplash tile pattern around the bar.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

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  1. I have tried that beer and it is absolutely delicious. :)