March 23, 2011

Token of His Affection (100th Post)

I Love You....lulu? Continuing on with my bridge shots, this tag was one of the bigger ones I came across. Great color which was only aided by the light from the setting sun. You really have to love the soft light from the sun tucked away behind a layer of thin cirrus, especially during golden hour.

This post is also my 100th since beginning this blog. They have really added up the past few months. I guess that will happen when you are posting a new picture almost daily. Never really planned on posting daily, but there is no question I wouldn't have had the motivation or encouragement if it weren't for fellow photographers that post amazing shots day after day. Many of these photographers can be found at the bottom of this page, with a few recent additions. Give them all a look, everyone of them are as skilled as they come. Cheers to the next one hundred...

I Love You....lulu?

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