February 21, 2011

Super 8

The Classics: Day 2 - There's no question my knowledge of antique video recorders is pretty much non-existent. My first video camera I ever owned was one of the digital variety. I even find myself using my T1i for video more and more these days. The quality of video that can be obtained by a Digital SLR is actually quite impressive. I've even read they are using the Canon 5D mkII to record full TV episodes and movies.

Speaking of movies, you will have a hard time finding a bigger movie buff than myself. I've even convinced my wife that a home theater is a necessity. Which brings us back around to today's shot. I'm a big fan of some of J.J. Abrams recent work (cloverfield, star trek). Earlier this year, I got wind of what was supposedly a sequel to Abram's 'Cloverfield'. This film is titled: 'Super 8'. I'm sure many of you caught the Super Bowl preview. Whether or not this is associated with 'Cloverfield' or not, I have no idea. But this is one movie I plan to catch.

Super Eight Texture

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